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December 2018

This last month of the year, I obtained several classic 1:43 sport prototypes and singleseaters, as well as the 2018 F1 cars in scales 1:43 and 1:18.


November 2018

To replace some existing models in the collection, the 1:43 scale Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 412 T2 and the great 6-wheeler 312 T2 were bought. Also, finally, the rare green Ferrari 125 C “Thin Wall Special” was obtained. This model was produced by IXO-Altaya.


October 2018

This 1:18 Hot Wheels Elite model of the Ferrari 348 TS joined the 348 TB model that was already part of the The Reds collection.


At the 2010 Turkey GP, Ferrari used special livery to commemorate their 800th race. This Hot Wheels Racing ‘Massa’ model was likewise converted by decals. In this photo, the jubilee car is flanked by the Hot Wheels Elite ‘Alonso’ Ferrari F10 in 1:43 scale.


September 2018

Presenting Ferrari’s “big 5”:

  • 1984 Ferrari GTO
  • 1987 Ferrari F40
  • 1995 Ferrari F50
  • 2002 Enzo Ferrari
  • 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

Already had them in 1:18 scale, all by Hot Wheels Elite, but now also in scale 1:43 as pictured here.


August 2018

I bought a group of Hot Wheels Elite and Racing 1:43 singleseater cars to replace the Altaya versions in the The Reds collection. Especially the Villeneuve car 312 T5 is a great one to have.


At the NAMAC model car fair, several 1:43 sports prototype and gran turismo models could be obtained. The Enzo Ferrari is a new addition to the ones I also have from the Ixo "Ferrari Collection" series.


July 2018

Finally, this great Ferrari 250 GTO is in my possession. This super detailed car was issued in the 1:18 Kyosho hi-end series. The #46 model raced the 1963 1000 km of the Nurburgring.


June 2018

A fellow model car collector who stopped collecting, presented The Reds with the opportunity to buy these great cars out of the 1:43 "Ferrari Collection" by Ixo Models. They are nicely detailed models.


From the same collector, also some Hot Wheels Elite models could be obtained, amongst which the rare Ferrari 212 Inter.


I obtained some models, mostly sports prototypes, that were not yet represented in the The Reds collection of all Ferrari types ever produced. These great racers in 1:43 scale were produced by various model car manufacturers.


May 2018

Next to some great sports prototypes, the rare 1972 Ferrari 312 B2 of the "La Storia" series was a nice catch for the The Reds collection.


At the model car fair in Houten, I snapped up the Ferrari 599XX Evo and two special versions of the 156 F1 singleseater.


April 2018

Two great Hot Wheels Elite 1:18 versions could be obtained to replace the Bburago models. These detailed models both are 250 LM sport prototypes: the 12 Hours of Reims winner, and a 12 Hours of Sebring contender in a beautiful blue colour.


March 2018

Several 1:43 models were added: F1 singleseaters, some sport prototypes including Le Mans winners, and a F355 GTS gran turismo car.


February 2018

In addition to the 1:43 Brumm Le Mans set, now the Daytona 67 set could be added to the sport prototype collection. This set represents a complete podium win for the 330 P4’s and the 412 P.
The new singleseater model is the La Storia model of the World Champion car 246 F1.


January 2018

The new year started with the acquisition of the 1:43 Bburago model of the SF70-H singleseater driven by Kimi Räikkönen in 2017.


December 2017

I bought three more1:43 models of cars driven by Gilles Villeneuve, one of my favorite drivers. One of them is the Brumm model of the 1981 demo car, which raced against an unlikely opponent: the Starfighter F-104 airplane.
The black Brumm 126 C4 is a certified Bijenkorf-autosalon edition.


Glad to find the 1:18 Hot Wheels Elite model of the Dino 246 GT; the first Ferrari manufactured in high numbers.
From the same NAMAC model car show in Houten (the Netherlands), I brought four more sport prototypes home.


November 2017

Already before the end of the 2017 Formula 1 season, Bburago launched this 1:18 version of Sebastian Vettel’s SF70-H as the vice-World Champion of this year.
The other addition this November is quite a contrast to that very new car: the 500 F2 was used 65 years ago. This model by Quartzo features the ‘short nose’ update that in 1952 won the Swiss GP, driven by Piero Taruffi.


Oktober 2017

Brumm built 1:43 models of various sport prototypes and singleseaters that participated in the Mille Miglia, Le Mans, Indianapolis or Formula 1 races.
Another addition is the Altaya/Ixo model of the F430 GTC that won the GT2 class in Le Mans 2009.


In celebration of Ferrari's 70 years jubilee, they created special editions of 70 important cars from their past. One of them joined The Reds: the 1:18 488 GTB ‘The Schumacher’. This jubilee model got a special livery, as homage to the F2003-GA.
Also created by Bburago, is this very detailed 1:18 Signature model of the FXX-K; a high performance race car based on the LaFerrari.


September 2017

Various singleseaters from the 90's in 1:43 scale are added. One of them is the San Marino GP F300 with the later banned tower wings - a model that is difficult to obtain.
The sport prototype 225 S of the Giro di Sicilia 1952 completes this month's group of newbies.


August 2017

The 1:43 Minichamps version of Michael Schumacher's 1997 singleseater F310 B joined the collection this month.
Also, the highly desirable Hot Wheels Elite 1:18 versions of the Enzo and GTO could be obtained, as well as the 1:18 Hot Wheels 360 Modena.


July 2017

Recently, I started looking for more models from the 1:43 multi-brands series "La Storia, the official Ferrari Formula One Collection". Next to 4 older Quartzo/Vitesse editions, I got the 1982 car from the next generation LSF by Hot Wheels.


June 2017

A few times a year, I visit the NAMAC model car show in Houten, the Netherlands. As is often the case, I could buy some interesting models for The Reds there. Besides a recent 2015 F1 model, I got some older Brumm Formula 1 cars. The one in scale 1:18 is the Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 California from 1957.


After I decided to stop collecting 3-inch models alltogether, I swapped a bunch of 1:64 Hot Wheels models against these 9 great 1:43 F1 models by Brumm and Quartzo/Vitesse, representing the 50's till 80's era.


This month, several models were added to the Formula 1 part of the collection. Some great oldies could finally be obtained, amongst which the 1949 Fangio driven 166FL in the blue-yellow colour, and the green 375 F1 "Thin Wall Special". The other Brumm and Quartzo models represent the period from the 60's till the 90's.


May 2017

After quite a bit of searching, the 312T Ferrari that in 1976 was driven by Giancarlo Martini in the private team Scuderia Everest, could be obtained. This #36 car was the last privately owned Ferrari in formula 1 racing.
I obtained this model as part of a group of 1:43 Quartzo historic singleseaters.


The improved 1:43 version that Bburago launched in the Racing collection, which includes a driver figure of Kimi Raikkönen, joined my 1:18 Sebastian Vettel version of the Ferrari SF16-H.


A nice set of 1:43 models could be purchased, manufactured by Brumm, Bang and Art Model. Two of the F1 models by Brumm are specials in the colour black. The two Bang limited editions in silver (chrome) are for sale, along with several others.



April 2017

New in the collection: a new version of the 550 Maranello in scale 1:18 by UT Models, as well as two F1 models by Quartzo. The latter two have been made available for sale.


March 2017

Models in 3 different scales could be added. Next to a vintage Matchbox 1:55 model of the 156 F1 Sharknose, I bought the 1:43 yellow 1970 Le Mans racing car of the long tailed 512 S by Altaya. The third one is a very detailed 1:18 model by Minichamps / Paul's Model Art of the 1975 Clay Regazzoni 312T. This car won both F1 titles in 1975.


February 2017

This month, I obtained a (difficult to find) Formula 1 model in scale 1:16. Italian company Polistil-Tonka produced this 312 B3-74 Ferrari. The singleseater was driven by the legendary Niki Lauda in his second race year for the Scuderia. A great win for Ferrari in the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort 1974.


January 2017

On one of my regular trips to model car fairs, I found an interesting model by the Japanese manufacturer Tamiya: the 1991 model of the Ferrari 643 (the successor of the F1-91). This car is only available in scale 1:20.


December 2016

After long waiting, the Bburago Signature series finally launched the 488 GTB. This model together with Vettel's SF16-H were some nice additions to close the year with.


August 2016

A great addition to the collection is the matte black Enzo test car. Named after the founding father of Ferrari, it was produced to celebrate the fist F1 title of the new millenium.


May 2016

A big group of 1:43 singleseaters joined the collection. Some coloured oldies, in yellow and blue, of private teams not belonging to Scuderia Ferrari. Also the remarkable 6-wheeler testcar of Lauda's 312 T2. Still a few models to go to complete my sub-collection of all time Ferrari F1 cars in 1:43.



February 2016

These two models have been in my collection for a long time already. Only just now, I adjusted them with Marlboro livery. I'm quite happy with the result.



On a quest to complete my sub-collection of the Ferrari F1 cars of all times in scale 1:43, I bought some great additions like the special 246 P F1, the 9/11 black nose version of the F2001, and some nice oldies from the fifties.



January 2016

To extend the 1:43 F1 series, I acquired the interesting Brumm 312T test car with double high wings.

Luckily, I was able to buy for a reasonable price the 1:18 F93A by Onyx that I had been wanting for a long time.


December 2015

I obtained the 1964 white and blue F512 NART and a couple of other models for the 1:43 F1 series.

Next to that, I could purchase the yellow 1:18 308 GTS by Hot Wheels Elite for the 308/328 line up.


The F2008 and the 126 C2, the remaining 2 of the only 4 F1 models that were released in the Netherlands in the Altaya-IXO series, joined the collection. From this series I also bought some other interesting models, among which the 312 T5 and the 312 B3-74 that were released in Italy and Spain.


November 2015

Finally (as in doubt because of its colour) decided to purchase the white 1:18 Bburago Signature California T in the open top version.

Regretably, IXO discontinued the IXO La Storia Ferrari series before it was finished. Altaya and Fabbri fill in the gap. At the NAMAC fair, I managed to get two of the few models from the Altaya-IXO series that have been launched in the Netherlands. Further, a 1:43 Bburago F14 T and an older 1:64 Hot Wheels Ferrari P4.


October 2015

While on business trip to Brazil, I found a 612 Can-Am by Altaya-Ixo (1:43) and a yellow Hot Wheels 599 GTB Fiorano in a tiny book shop. Could not resist bringing them home from São Paulo as a souvenir.


August 2015

Received the first of the Bburago models that were produced after Hot Wheels lost the Ferrari license. The 1:18 Bburago Signature line released the California T (closed top), while the Bburago Racing series - earlier than usual - released a model of the 2015 F1 car: Vettel’s SF15-T.


March 2015

Unfortunately, Mattel Hot Wheels lost the Ferrari license to Bburago / Maisto from 2015 onwards. After months waiting, the last 4 Ferrari models ever produced by Hot Wheels finally arrived: the F14T, the 312T2 as featured in the movie Rush, the LaFerrari and the 458 Speciale.