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This list contains the brands of the Ferrari model cars currently or formerly in the "The Reds" collection.

The below information about the various brands has been collected mainly through Wikipedia and the websites of the manufacturing companies.


Altaya   Part of a conglomerate of brands from the Far East, with Atlas, De Agostini, del Prado, IST, Ixo, and Yat Ming.
Anson   Anson started production at the end of the 1980s and exited the market in 2002.
Art Model   Art Model is a brand name introduced in 1993 by M4, the Italian company that also manufactures the Best models and, since 2004, owns the Rio range.
Bang   The Italian model manufacturer Bang was founded in 1990, as one of the successors of the company Box Model. The Box Model castings were shared between Bang and another Italian company, Best Model. Bang soon completed the range of former Box models by newly developed models. Production ceased in December 2005.
Bburago   Called Martoys from 1974 to 1976, the company was founded by the Besana family from Italy, who had previously started Mebetoys, which they sold to Mattel. Martoys was renamed Bburago in 1976. In 1989 (or in 1994?), Bburago took over Polistil. In 1995, Bburago buys the moulds and tools of Techno Giodi from the bankrupt's estate of the manufacturer. By 2005, Bburago went bankrupt and was purchased by the May Cheong Group which also markets Maisto. They relaunched the name Bburago as of early 2007.
Best Model   Best was founded in 1990, as one of the successors of the company Box Model. The Box Model castings were shared between Best and another Italian company, Bang. The owners of Best are also manufacturing the model car ranges Art Model (Ferrari models, since 1993) and M4 (Alfa Romeo models, since 2007), and in 2004 they took over the model manufacturer Rio.
Brumm   Brumm, based in Italy, was started in 1972 by Reno Tattarletti of the family concern that started Rio Models.
Detail Cars   From France, but made in China.
Dinky Toys   In 1933, Meccano Ltd from England issued a series of accessories to complement their model train sets, called Meccano Dinky Toys. In 1935, the name Meccano was dropped and the marque became Dinky Toys. The Dinky trade-name changed hands many times before ending up as part of Matchbox International Ltd in the late 1980s, uniting both names under one roof. No new dedicated Dinky castings have been created since Matchbox Collectibles was shut down in 2000.
Ertl   Ertl has been producing since 1945. In 1981, Ertl acquired AMT. In 1987, Ertl, who until that time had been the American distributor of their kits, gained majority in ESCI, the Italian producer of CB Cars. In 1993, ESCI-Ertl SpA was liquidated. In 1999, Ertl was purchased by Racing Champions. In 2000, Racing Champions Ertl acquired Britains Limited. Ertl is currently a brand under the RC2 Corporation umbrella.
Herpa   Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH, founded as Hergenröther und Patente in 1949, is a German manufacturer that since 1978 releases car models under the Herpa Cars & Trucks trademark.
Hot Wheels /
Hot Wheels Elite
  Hot Wheels is a brand introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. In 1989, Mattel took over Corgi, which regained its independence in 1995. In 1997, Mattel bought Tyco Toys, then-owner of Matchbox, and united Matchbox with Hot Wheels under the same corporate banner.
Distinct from the Hot Wheels® lines of vehicles, Hot Wheels Elite™ is the Mattel brand devoted to replica car collectors. This line-up faithfully reproduces in 1:18 and 1:43 scale the most famous and appreciated cars.
Ixo Models   Part of a conglomerate of brands from the Far East, with Altaya, Atlas, De Agostini, del Prado, IST, and Yat Ming.
Jolly Model   By DSA Automodelli di De Stasio Giovanni, Napoli, Italy.
JouefEvolution   Le Jouet Francais was created in 1944 in France, and about 1950 renamed as Jouef. In 1972, the Jouef company becomes integrated with the Jouef Francais Group, which includes also Solido. Early 1980's, the different companies of the group are repurchased by various speakers of the toy market, and Jouef is then bought by the CEJI group. Revell was also purchased by CEJI, but was again spun off by 1983. The CEJI group went bankrupt in 1986 and Jouef, recovered by independent contractors, starts a new policy of diversification for activities, amongst which the production of miniature cars under the name JouefEvolution. After another bankruptcy, the company is bought in 1996 by Rivarossi and the production of model cars ceased. Most of these castings, however, were acquired by Universal Hobbies.
Kyosho   Kyosho Corporation was created in 1963 and is based in Japan. Production of die-cast model cars began in 1992.
Maisto   The Maisto brand name was registered in 1990 by a conglomerate formed out of Mae Cheong (MC Toy) and May Tat Toy. Maisto has manufactured a number of Tonka products under license from Hasbro. In 2005, the May Cheong Group acquired the assets of Bburago, that had previously gone bankrupt.
MB Sales   -
Minibri   Member of the Vitesse Group in Portugal. Manufactured also the brand Onyx.
Minichamps   The Minichamps company grew out of the Danhausen trade catalog of miniature vehicles and specially made Danhausen diecast releases during the 1970s. Setting up of Minichamps GmbH as German sales department of the Paul's Model Art Group was in 1996.
Mira   Spanish manufacturer.
Onyx   Line of racing cars by the Portuguese company Minibri. Started about 1988.
Paul's Model Art   Paul's Model Art GmbH was founded in 1990. China is chosen as production site. Setting up of Minichamps GmbH as German sales department of the PMA Group was in 1996.
Polistil /
  The company began as Politoys APS about 1960 in Italy. About 1970, the company name was changed to Polistil. In 1988, Polistil was purchased by Tonka. This merger created Tonka-Polistil, which in 1989 was taken over by Bburago. In 1992, Polistil cars were no longer sold under the name Tonka, and in 1994 sales stopped altogether, the name only to be revived by Bburago in 2003 and for a short period of time, for a series of model cars from China.
Progetto K   Italian manufacturer.
Quartzo   Racing model line of the Portuguese Vitesse.
Revell   Revell was founded in 1943 in the USA. In 1956, the German subsidiary, Revell Plastics GmbH, was founded. During the 1970s, this company developed and manufactured its model kits independently and outside the direct control of Revell, USA. Revell Germany also incorporated former Matchbox models from the UK. About 1980, Revell was purchased by CEJI, who had also bought Jouef, but by 1983 Revell was again spun off. In 1986, Revell was purchased by Odyssey Partners and folded into Monogram Models, which Odyssey had purchased earlier that year. In 1994 Revell-Monogram was purchased by Hallmark Cards as part of its Binney and Smith division. European Revell Germany became independent after its formal separation from Revell-Monogram LLC in September 2006. In 2007, Hobbico acquired the American Revell-Monogram, LLC (corporate owner of the Revell name). The Revell name now stands alone in the company logo, without the Monogram name also present, though Monogram still exists in the Revell stable. In 2012, Hobbico also acquired Revell of Germany, reuniting both Revells under one banner.
Solido   Solido was established in France in 1930. At the end of the 1970s, Solido entered the Jouef Francais Group which also included Jouef. After liquidation in 1980, the different companies of this group are repurchased by various speakers of the toy market, and Majorette buys Solido. In the mid-1990s, when Majorette Toys was taken over by Idéal Loisirs, Solido production was halted for a time, until January 1996 when the German Triumph-Adler AG took over Idéal Loisirs. In 2003, Majorette joined the Smoby Group as Smoby Majorette. In 2008, Smoby itself becomes insolvent and is taken over by the Simba-Dickie Group, while Majorette is acquired by the French investor MI 29. In 2010, Majorette, and with that, the Solido brand also becomes part of the Simba-Dickie Group.
Tamiya   The Japanese company Tamiya Inc. was founded in 1946 as sawmill and lumber supply company. They started also producing wooden models of ships and airplanes. In 1953, they decided to focus solely on model making.
Tonka-Polistil   See: Polistil.
Top Model Collection   Manufactured by Top Model Collection S.r.l. from Italy.
Universal Hobbies   In 1991, Jouef, a well-established French manufacturer of model railroads and slotcars, started producing diecast model cars under the name JouefEvolution. In 1996, due to a bankruptcy, the Jouef production of model cars ceased. Universal Hobbies acquired most of the JouefEvolution castings, continued their production and added new models to the range. The models were marketed under various brand names, first Eagle's Race, then Eagle Collectibles and finally the company name itself. Universal Hobbies is affiliated with or owned by Holland Oto, the company that produced EFSI and before that, Bestbox.
UT Models   UT Limited (Unique Toys) was a company which manufactured scale model cars in the 1980s and 1990s, trading as UT Models. The company closed at the end of the 1990s, but the essence of the brand is now associated with Gateway Global Ltd which produces models under the AUTOart brand. UT had a partnership of sorts with PMA but the brand never belonged to PMA.
Vitesse   Vitesse was started in 1982 as a Portuguese company. It is a brand name of Cinerius LDA. Eventually, Vitesse was purchased by Sun Star Models of Macau. Three former Vitesse lines are now supported by Sun Star: Vitesse Models, Vitesse Rallye, and Quartzo.
Western Models   Western Models Limited started in 1973 in England. The company ceased production of car models in 2007.